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Delalili is the even smaller version of our Delali basket bag and is particularly suitable as a slightly different handbag. Cute and small but with enough space for everything you need for going out, it's the perfect size for your Mini-Me. Like her bigger sisters, Delalili is handmade by skilled artisans in the north of Ghana.

Delalili is available in different colours.

Each basket is unique. As it is a handmade item, each piece may vary slightly and therefore have irregularities and variations in design, size and colour. These are not defects, but part of what make each piece unique.

The robust wickerwork made of elephant grass is very resistant as well as durable and can be cleaned with cold water and reshaped if necessary. To ensure that you enjoy your basket for a long time, please read our information on cleaning and care - here.

Colours & Patterns:
dark blue

Elephant grass

Width: 35-37 cm
Height: 20-22 cm

The product is made together with our partner Atampoka Crafts.

Would you like to get your basket back into shape or care for it properly? See our information on cleaning and care – here.

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