SOLOKO stands for unique products and delightful objects for interior and fashion accessories. Our collection is anchored in a love of new design that reflects the beauty of Ghanaian craftsmanship and the aesthetic of European contemporary design. Our mission is to keep the traditions and values ​​of Ghanaian craftsmanship alive and making them visible to the global market. By contributing our sensitivity for modern and timeless design we create your personal favourite piece.

We see ourselves as a social business and believe that financial independence and economic sovereignty are the keys to sustainable impact and change. We use our sustainable and entrepreneurial actions as a force for good, aligning profit and purpose to help solve social and environmental challenges.

SOLOKO focuses on empowerment, job creation and supporting education and training. We work to reduce inequality and poverty by creating dignified jobs, sustainable fair income and skills that lead to long-term financial independence.

It all started in 2018 with a trip to Ghana. Antje Schubert, founder of SOLOKO, got involved in various projects of the NGO SAFE GHANA – Small Action for Enterprise – in the Volta Region in Ho. The close cooperation with SAFE Ghana and its founder Kofi Avumegah quickly led to the idea of founding a company to make a long-term commitment in Ghana and contribute to the economic development of the local private sector. From the beginning, the focus was on combining two worlds: on the one hand, the preservation of traditional handicrafts and thus of cultural heritage, and on the other hand, the commercialisation and internationalisation of products to ensure long-term and sustainable business growth of local handicraft enterprises.

The heart of SOLOKO is our own workshop in Ho in the beautiful Volta Region, which is also the headquarters of our partner company SOLOKO Ghana Concepts Ltd. From there we work with small independent manufacturers, artisans, independent seamstresses and communities in Ghana. Each of them has specialised in different traditional crafts over many years and generations, including weaving kente, making batik, turning recycled glass into beads and glass products, traditional woodworking in the form of carving, and weaving basketry from elephant grass.