Unique hand-blown glass products made from recycled glass

For our glass products, we work with Ghana’s only glassblower – Michael Tetteh. Michael Tetteh first discovered glassblowing in 2012 after spending two months in France and the Netherlands learning the craft. He made his stoves himself from scrap metal, clay and with the help of online tutorials. He only uses recycled glass waste from bottles, window panes or TV screens, which he collects from scrap yards and landfills in Ghana’s capital Accra, in order to reduce glass waste in Ghana.

This is how unique mouth-blown pieces are created, such as his beautiful vases, which are almost objects of art. Michael Tetteh’s special signature can also be found in other glass products that we design and manufacture together with him and exclusively for our product collection. These include glassware such as drinking glasses, carafes or bowls – each with a very special character and each one unique.

Together we create new creations and very individual pieces.

Michael Tetteh’s roots lie in bead making, which is typical for Ghana. And so we also source our beads for our glass bead table mats from him.

Ghanaians have been making wonderful glass beads from recycled glass for decades and they are absolutely fascinating. The most famous traditional Ghanaian glass beads, also known as Krobo (named after the mountains where the main production area is located), are beads made from recycled glass.