Woven Blanket ABILITY (wine red, pink, orange)

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Soloko blankets made of hand-woven cotton are not only beautiful, but also a versatile companion in everyday life thanks to their pleasant and soft material: whether as a daily blanket and thus a bedspread in the bedroom, as a light blanket to snuggle up on the sofa or armchair, whether for a picnic in the meadow or a day at the beach or for the cooler evenings outside.

Each blanket is given a special accent by the contrasting stitching that connects the individual hand-woven stripes and at the same time gives the blanket its special character.

Soloko blankets are unique, as they are made by hand from 100% cotton using a traditional Ghanaian weaving technique. The fabrics are based on the tradition of Kente weaving of the Ewe culture in the Volta region of Ghana and are hand-woven on traditional looms directly in Ghana. In the process, original weaving patterns are preserved in their authenticity and brought into the modern age through fine adaptations and new colour definitions. The special combination of colours, patterns and symbols gives each fabric its very own meaning. And so there is a story behind every pattern, which is also responsible for the naming of the fabric.

The blanket in the ABILITY design goes wonderfully with the cushions in the ABILITY design. The design is characterised by the unusual combination of colours in interaction with a linear weave structure. The colours are used to represent the movement of one colour against another.

Design ABILITY is available in different colour variations, from muted natural tones to strong dark colours.

You can find more variants here.

Colours & Design:
Front and back uniform : wine red, pink, orange

100% Cotton

Length: 175 - 180 cm
Width: 120 cm

The product is handwoven together with our weaver Jo on traditional looms and sewn in our workshop in Ho.

Each blanket is unique. As it is a handmade item, the cover may have slight irregularities in the weave structure. These are not defects, but part of what make each piece unique.

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