Table Mat Nunana (black)

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Add a special touch to your home decor with the beautiful Nunana table mats.

The table mats are made of traditional glass beads from recycled glass, which are produced in an elaborate process. Glass bead making is practiced by the Krobo ethnic group in the south-eastern part of Ghana and has been passed down through generations. We bring the beauty of these glass beads into a decorative and at the same time practical element on your table, sideboard or sideboard. Whether subtle or coloured, they are suitable as a single decorative object, a base for serving glasses, carafes or teapots, as well as a practical trivet for bowls, pots or casseroles. Hot objects can also be placed on them. They can be placed individually or in combination to achieve a larger storage area.

Each piece is unique. As it is a handmade item, each piece may vary slightly and therefore have irregularities and variations in design, size and colour. These are not defects but part of what make each piece unique.

Colours & Patterns:

Recycled glass, partly mixed with ceramic glass powder
Heat resistant

20x24 cm

The glass beads are created in collaboration with Michael Tetteh. The knotting of the mats in our own workshop.

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