Drinking Glass Oval

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Drinking glass Oval is part of the drinking glass collection made of recycled glass. With a capacity of 300ml and its bulbous shape, it is very versatile. Whether it's water, juice, milk or cocktails, it's an ideal companion to make your favourite drink taste even better with your favourite people.

The drinking glasses are mouth-blown from recycled glass. The design and shaping are created in collaboration with the artisan Michael Tetteh, who is the only West African glassblower to master the legendary art of mouth-blown glass.

Oval drinking glass comes in different colours and patterns.

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Each piece is unique. Due to the handwork, the individual mouth-blown glasses vary slightly in shape and size. In addition, the special bubble structure is a characteristic of the artisan process and proof that each mouth-blown glass is unique.

Colours & Pattern:
Sprinkle pink blue
Sprinkle rose

Recycled glass
Dishwasher safe

300 ml

The drinking glasses were designed by Soloko and mouth-blown by Michael Tetteh.

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