Vase Tulip (blue, red, yellow)

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A beautiful vase is much more than just a design element. This charming vase offers timeless elegance and a sophisticated, inviting ambience. The recycled glass vase is made by talented artisan Michael Tetteh, the only West African glassblower to master the legendary art of hand-blown glass.

He uses only recycled glass for production and combines it with ceramic glass colour powder to create multi-layered patterns in different shades. This creates unique and expressive pieces that really show off your flowers or look like objects of art in the room.

His collection shows a wide variety of shapes and designs, ranging from traditional to modern and experimental.

The shape and colour of the Tulip vase is reminiscent of an open tulip blossom.

Each piece is unique. Find more vases here

Recycled glass

Diameter opening top: 7 cm
Height: 23 cm

The vase is designed and manufactured by Michael Tetteh.

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